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Greenhouses For Sale

If you're looking for a way to grow and protect your fresh fruit, veggies, herbs or plants during the cooler climate months, then our range DIY Greenhouses are the perfect solution. Your plants will remain protected from pests, harsh weather and frost in a controlled environment. We have a wide range of Greenhouse options available...

Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Most of our Greenhouses are made with Polycarbonate panels which are virtually unbreakable and filter out UV rays to avoid burns to your plants, promoting ideal growing conditions.

Poly Tunnel

Poly Tunnel Greenhouses are perfect for those gardeners just starting out or looking for a more temporary solutions. They are lightweight, quick and easy to set up, and fold away easy during the warmer months. They include multiple openings and ventilation windows.

Mini Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouses are ideal for those with limited space such as balcony gardeners or those who simply want to protect their seedling or delicate plants during the harsher climate months. 

Lean To Greenhouse

These sturdy greenhouses extend out from a building. They are installed against an existing solid surface like a house wall or fence, taking advantage of the existing structure.

$283.95 $169.00

3m x 2m Walk In Greenhouse