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About Us

Vertical Gardens Direct is an Australian owned and operated business founded in 2015 by Landscape Architect, Daniel Haeyen. are exclusively an online retailer which lowers our overheads and allows us to provide the very best customer service and amazing savings on to you. All of our products are sent from Melbourne, Australia.

Our Mission:

To bring peace, tranquility and inspiration to people's lives by bringing their walls alive.

Our Guiding Principle:

We nurture our customers like we nurture our garden.

Our Products:

Our products will always be about quality. We have hand selected only the finest and most well-designed vertical garden solutions, and will not accept anything less. There are cheaper, lower quality options available on the market, but we know these only end in disappointment. We are about offering our customers a real, lasting solution for many years to come.

Our Customers:

Our customers are our favourite people. We are here to connect with our customers on a human level. We will guide our customers through their decision making process and go over-and-above to ensure they have the best buying experience imaginable. We want them to be thinking about us long after their purchase, with a smile on their face. 
We would like to thank all of our customers for all of the wonderful 5-star Reviews & Photos that have been sent in.

Our Story:

Vertical Gardens Direct was founded in 2015 by Landscape Architect, Daniel Haeyen. Daniel has always had a strong passion for nature as well as designing and creating beautiful outdoor spaces and has been working in the landscape industry for 12 years after graduating with a Bachelor of Design from RMIT's School of Landscape Architecture.
"I love incorporating a vertical garden into most landscape projects I do, but it is incredibly difficult to find a physical store that sells the equipment, let alone one with high-quality products and customer service".
It was after many frustrating years of trying to source high-quality products with the very best customer service that Daniel decided he would start a company with the sole aim of providing only the best products for improving the look of any interior or outdoor space, combined with the very best of customer service.
"I wanted to start a company that I myself would purchase from, one where you know you are getting high-quality products and will be looked after before and after your purchase by someone who understands the products as well as the customer."


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