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  • 60cm Tall Artificial Agave With Pot
  • Artificial Agave in Black Pot 73cm
  • Artificial Agave Plant In Black Pot 100cm
  • Artificial Giant Agave Plant UV Resistant 106cm
  • Artificial Mother in Law's Tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) with 7 Stems 58cm
  • Artificial Sansevieria Yellow Tongue UV Resistant 100cm

All Self Watering Planters

  • Glowpear Large Self Watering Cafe Planter
  • Glowpear Mini Bench Self Watering Planter
  • Glowpear Mini Rail Self Watering Balcony Railing Planter
  • Glowpear Mini Wall
  • Glowpear Urban Garden

Artificial Bamboo and Palms

  • Artificial Bamboo Plant Dark Trunk (Potted) 180cm
  • Artificial Bird Of Paradise Plant 110cm
  • Artificial Cycas / Cycad Palm Tree 105cm UV Resistant
  • Artificial Ficus Tree 180cm Nearly Natural UV Resistant
  • Artificial Lifelike Fern Tree 90cm
  • Artificial Modern Bushy Areca Fern Tree 120cm
  • Artificial Monstera Adansonii Money Plant 180cm
  • Artificial Parlour Palm Tree 180cm Multi Trunk UV Resistant
  • Artificial Potted Areca Palm Tree 120cm
  • Artificial Potted Cycad Plant 60cm
  • Artificial Potted Multi-Trunk Fan Palm 180cm
  • Artificial Potted Pothos Plant With Pole 100cm
  • Artificial Twiggy Japanese Bamboo on Natural Trunk 90cm
  • Artificial Wide Leaf Fan Palm Tree 90cm
  • Faux Twiggy Bamboo on a Natural Trunk 120cm Tall
  • Large Artificial Tropical Lifelike Palm Tree 300cm
  • Premium Artificial Areca Palm Tree Real Touch 160cm
  • Premium Artificial Bamboo Plant Real Touch Leaves 150cm
  • Premium Natural Cane Artificial Bamboo (UV Resistant) 180cm
  • Premium Natural Cane Artificial Bamboo UV Resistant 150cm
  • Real Touch Artificial Phoenix Palm Tree UV Resistant 180cm
  • Small Artificial Areca Palm Plant 80cm
  • Split Philodendron (Split Leaf) 120cm
  • Tropical Phoenix Artificial Potted Palm Tree 190cm UV Resistant

Artificial Cypress / Pine Trees

  • Artificial Cypress Pine Tree UV Resistant 1.8M
  • Artificial Pine Tree Highly Realistic 4 ft
  • UV Resistant Cedar Cypress Spiral Tree 1.8m
  • UV Resistant Cypress Pine Tree, Various Sizes

Artificial Dracaena & Yucca Plants

  • Artificial Dracaena Plant with 3 Stems 230cm
  • Artificial Sisal (Flowering Dracaena) With Multiple Heads 185cm
  • Artificial Dracaena Plant 80cm
  • Artificial Dracaena with 3 spines 180cm
  • Artificial Dracaena Fragrans (Corn Plant) 100cm
  • Artificial Large Dracaena Yucca 260cm
  • Artificial Dracaena Fragrans (Corn Plant) with Multiple Stems 130cm

Artificial Ficus Trees

  • Artificial Bay Leaf Ficus Tree With 2 Balls 1.82m

Artificial Flower Walls

  • Artificial Flower Wall Backdrop Panel 40cm X 60cm Faux Pink
  • Artificial Flower Wall Backdrop Panel 40cm X 60cm Faux Purple Lilac
  • Artificial Flower Wall Backdrop Panel 40cm X 60cm Faux White Flowers